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Rumored prices for HTC Titan II, Sony Tablet P emerge

Boy Genius Report purportedly takes the lid off AT&T's road map for the first quarter of 2012 with some juicy deets.

The HTC Titan II is world's first 4G LTE Windows Phone and features a 16-megapixel camera. Lynn La/CNET

The latest rumors from Boy Genius Report suggest some juicy details about AT&T's planned devices for the first quarter of 2012.

BGR indicates AT&T is gearing up to offer yet another Windows Phone device on March 18: the 4G-equipped HTC Titan II at $199. There's word that the Samsung Galaxy S II Skyrocket HD, Samsung Exhilarate, and Sony Xperia Ion also will debut on the carrier toward the end of March, but pricing is unknown.

Lastly, the rumors note that a Sony tablet (code-named Crystal) with HSPA+ will launch on AT&T for $409. I fully believe that Crystal is the dual-screen Sony Tablet P that has evaded a U.S. launch (despite being available in Japan for several months now).

There aren't any sources listed for the rumored information, but BGR has built a bit of a reputation for itself with several credible road map leaks in the past. Regardless, we still recommend you take this news with a grain of salt until things become official.