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Rumored design change for Google Play Store in Android 4.1

A leaked screenshot suggests that the Google Play Store will get a UI refresh for Android 4.1 Jelly Bean.

A new Google Play Store for Android 4.1? HDblog

The Android version of the Google Play Store will get yet another makeover, according to details hitting the Internet this week. Italian Android site HDblog (translate) obtained an image, which appears to show a new look for the app store that borrows from previous versions yet still resembles its desktop counterpart.

Appearing cleaner and clutter-free, the Google Play Store experience appears to offer quick access to the various types of content such as games, music, and books. The color-coded icons across the bottom mimic those found on the desktop version and the top left has what looks to be a drop-down menu.

It's unclear what the icon on the far right is, though most likely it would lead to a "devices" option that would give users the opportunity to purchase, say, a new tablet. Just for giggles, I'll posit that this should be a shortcut to a new magazines and newspapers subscription service that has been tossed around the blogsphere for a while.

Assuming this is not just a well-designed fanboy mockup, this Google Play Store may be part of the incremental changes in Android 4.1 Jelly Bean. With Google I/O taking place in but two days' time, we'll find out soon enough.