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Rumored Acer laptop: Ultra-thin, keyboardless

Looks like the computer maker is targeting the ultraportable market by leaving a few things out.

Clearly this Acer notebook is far too thick. Acer

The minds at Acer think your laptop is too thick, so they're reportedly working on a couple of things to make future laptops thinner. And I mean thin. Victoria Beckham thin. Sandra Bullock's chances of winning an Oscar thin.

The company is thought to be going about this size reduction in two ways. First, the speculatastic notebooks would do away with that pesky plastic around and behind the LCD screen, according to DigiTimes. Instead, the screens would be made with a new type of reinforced glass with no need of a casing, trimming a little more than one-third of an inch from the top.

Then there's the QWERTY business, which would also get the heave-ho. Instead, Acer is supposedly looking at a virtual keyboard, much like the one featured in the iPad commercial that hit last night during the Academy Awards. That would trim another half of an inch or so.

This latter shift, should it come to be, is probably going to make some people upset. When it comes to keyboards, there are basically two types of people: those who look at their keys when they type and thus don't need the tactile feedback and mechanical movements of a physical keyboard, and those who can type quickly.

I am in the latter camp. I sometimes have trouble with my iPhone, having to retype things two, three, or more times to get it right. I have to consider how my productivity would suffer if I typed these blogs out with a virtual keyboard.