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Rumor: T-Mobile to get HTC Snap, Touch Pro2, and more

Leaked information reveals that T-Mobile may get its own version of the HTC Snap, the HTC Touch Pro2, and HTC Magic this summer.

HTC Snap
HTC Snap Bonnie Cha/CNET

The HTC Snap made its debut at CTIA 2009, where we learned that the U.S. will get its own unlocked version of the QWERTY smartphone, called the HTC S522, this summer. However, some blogs are reporting that T-Mobile may just get a model of its own to replace the aging T-Mobile Dash.

According to WMExperts, T-Mobile will offer the Snap/S522, but the smartphone will be stripped of HTC's Inner Circle e-mail feature. This functionality bring e-mails from a preselected group of people to the top of your in-box so you can read and reply to them immediately with a simple press of a button. In its place, T-Mobile will offer an Audio Postcard feature, which lets you can add audio notes to pictures and then send them to friends and family.

This information was submitted by WMExpert reader Conflipper who said he got a peek at the finalized ROM for the device and also mentioned that the internal name for the smartphone is T-Mobile Captain. Adding fuel to the fire, TmoNews reported on Tuesday that T-Mobile's version of the Snap will be released on May 13.

Other rumored devices on T-Mobile's road map? The T-Mobile Sidekick 2009 on May 13; the Sony Ericsson CS8 (possibly Sony Ericsson's Android device?) on June 24; the HTC Touch Pro2 on July 22; and a slew of Samsung phones. Though just rumors, we certainly hope they're true since T-Mobile's been dragging its feet in updating its smartphone lineup, when compared with the other providers.

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