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Rumor: Sony PlayStation announcement 'imminent'

Word is Sony will make a big, global PlayStation announcement very soon. But it may not be the PS3 price drop everyone is hoping for.

Price cut coming: maybe--maybe not. Sony

The rumors are flying about a possible big Sony PlayStation announcement for Tuesday. The only problem is no one is sure what the announcement involves, with speculation running from a PS3 price drop to a PS2 price drop to something about God of War 3.

Anyway, the original rumor came from an Australian publication, Smarthouse, but Kotaku says it's gotten word directly from Sony that an announcement is "imminent."

Furthermore, Kotaku thinks that we're looking at a PS2 price drop to $99.99, not the much-hoped-for PS3 price drop to $299.99. Joystiq concurs with a source at K-Mart saying the cut is coming April 5. How anticlimactic would that be?

So, what do you think Sony's announcing (if indeed, there really is an announcement forthcoming)?

Update: According to Joystiq, Sony is calling the rumors of a PS3 price drop totally false. However, it didn't deny rumors of a PS2 price chop (but who really cares, right?).

(Source: Smarthouse via 1up via Joystiq, Kotaku)