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Rumor: Samsung prepping smartphone with 2GHz dual-core processor

An unnamed Samsung official says we should expect 2GHz dual-core before 2012.

Samsung expecting desktop-like performance out of their mobile devices with dual-core 2GHz processors. Samsung

If you thought this year's dual-core smartphones were fast and powerful, wait until you hear what Samsung has cooking. According to an unnamed official, Samsung is planning to go a step further and release a 2GHz dual-core smartphone by next year.

Yes, that means that your Android handset could rival your Netbook or laptop in terms of processing prowess. It is very likely that these new chipsets will fall under the new Exynos brand that was announced earlier this year. Samsung is also rumored to be considering selling these new CPU units to other smartphone makers.

After having spent considerable time with a few dual-core devices, it's easy to spot the difference in performance over last year's Snapdragon chipsets. Looking ahead, however, it's difficult for me to wrap my head around something as fast as 2GHz dual-core for my mobile needs. Not that I would complain were that one of my options, of course. If I had my druthers, I'd prefer a bigger step forward in battery life first. How about you?