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Rumor: Samsung Galaxy landing July 21 on T-Mobile

The handset maker is gearing up to announce something Galaxy S related later this month. Recent rumors are indicating a July 21 launch for T-Mobile. Will all four key carriers be getting the phone this day?

Save the Date! Samsung

According to a trusted source for TmoNews, the Samsung Galaxy S could be arriving for T-Mobile on July 21. While T-Mobile has not confirmed this, it does fall under the "summer" release time frame promised by Samsung back at the smartphone's unveiling in March. As for the other three big carriers in the United States, nothing has been whispered as to when they will get the phone.

Recently, Samsung has been getting things ready for some type of an announcement, sending out teaser packages promising that the Galaxy S would be "landing soon." The company has also set up a landing page for the Android device, which lets users sign up for updates and news.

Adding fuel to the fire, on Tuesday Samsung sent out save-the-date e-mails to journalists and bloggers for a June 29 event in New York City, where it will unveil the next generation in Android smartphones. The mailer doesn't mention the Galaxy S, but judging by the background image of stars, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out what will be announced.

I would really like to see Samsung announce pricing and carrier availability later this month. Ideally, all four carriers get the Galaxy S at the same time and not a staggered release. It wouldn't make much sense to see T-Mobile picking up the phone after everyone else does. The top three already have a flagship phone in the iPhone 4, Droid Incredible, and Evo 4G. Even with six Android phones in its lineup, T-Mobile could do well to offer a standout device.

The Galaxy S recently started a world tour, which will the see the phone landing in more than 100 countries.