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Rumor: Palm Nova smartphone to have touch screen, slider QWERTY design

Rumors start to flow pre-CES 2009 that the first Palm Nova smartphone will have a slider design with a full QWERTY keyboard and touch screen.


We're just a couple of days away from CES 2009, but rumors are already starting to fly about the new Palm Nova smartphone that is set to debut on January 8. Citing a "trusted source," CrunchGear reports that the first Nova device will have a slider design with a full QWERTY keyboard and portrait-oriented touch screen. Not surprisingly, it's been compared to the iPhone and will supposedly be outsourced to HTC like the Palm Treo Pro.

In addition, the new operating system has been described as "amazing," with full personal information management (PIM) and e-mail support. The smartphone will also come with a ton of software and media playback functions.

Again, these are all rumors at this point. The official unveiling is set for Thursday at CES, and I will be at the event to get all the details, photos, and more, so stay tuned.

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