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Rumor: Motorola readying first Android phone

A leaked photo suggests that Motorola could have a sleek Android-powered slider phone in the works for later this year on Verizon's network.

Motorola's first Android phone could look something like this. Boy Genius Report

Motorola might be getting ready to pick itself up off the canvas and rejoin the smartphone fight.

The Boy Genius Report got its hands on some information and photos of Motorola's supposed first Android phone, code-named Calgary. If the information is correct, it's a slider phone with a QWERTY keyboard that will appear on Verizon's network at some point later this year.

Motorola has been essentially sitting out the last year or so of the smartphone market as the company tries to figure out whether or not it actually wants to be in that business. But the company was an early backer of Google's Android project, and has been rumored for some time to be working on Android-powered handsets.