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Rumor: Japan to get DSi with even larger screens

A rumor claims Japan will get a new version of the Nintendo DSi with even larger screens.


GameSpot on Monday published a report from the Japan-based Nikkei news service saying that a new Nintendo DSi with two larger screens is slated to hit the market as early as this year.

Supposedly, the bump would increase the dual screens' size from 3.25 inches to 4.3 inches. While that sounds like a huge upgrade, there are a few reasons we're just not ready to believe this yet.

First of all, this new redesign would force the production of a brand new casing, something we're not sure Nintendo is ready to spend money on with the DSi still fresh in the market. Second, Siliconera got word from Nintendo PR saying the story is pure speculation.

Finally, we just don't think a 4.3-inch screen for a DS system makes any sense. Since DS games remain locked in a specific resolution, the larger the screen gets, the more likely it is the games won't look as good as they do on a DS lite or DSi. Not to mention a new DS would certainly be the ultimate slap in the face to those who just purchased a DSi.