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Rumor: HTC, Motorola messaging smartphones bound for Verizon

Rumors surface that new messaging smartphones from HTC and Motorola are headed for Verizon Wireless.

Motorola A4500
Motorola A4500 PhoneScoop

While the Verizon Wireless and Apple talks are dominating headlines these days, the iPhone isn't for everyone and it looks like there might be two other noteworthy devices that are headed Verizon's way. More specifically, two QWERTY smartphones from HTC and Motorola.

The first handset, the Motorola A4500, is almost a lockdown for the carrier, considering that it was outed by the FCC. As PhoneScoop points out, the A4500 has similarities to the Motorola Q9c/Motorola Q9m but adds quad-band world roaming, Wi-Fi, a 2-megapixel camera, and a fingerprint scanner. The Windows Mobile 6.1 device will also offer stereo Bluetooth and EV-DO support.

The second smartphone is the HTC XV6175. This is rumored to be the CDMA variant of the HTC Snap, which we saw debut at CTIA 2009. This news comes as Engadget Mobile says it has "unearthed" a rendering of the XV6175 sans Verizon branding, though it's not clear where the site found the image. While not very concrete, it wouldn't surprise us to see the smartphone land with the U.S. carrier. At CTIA, HTC said it would bring an unlocked GSM version of the e-mail-centric device, the S522, to the United States, but already there have been sightings of a T-Mobile-branded Snap and a Sprint variant.

As always, we must warn you to take these rumors with a grain a salt. We'll keep you updated with any new information or official confirmation from the carriers or manufacturers.