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Rumor Has It: Will the iPhone 5S be a killer?

Also this week, guest co-host Eric Franklin helps decipher some awesome specs in the next Google phone, Panasonic might get out of the game it knows best, a new iPad Mini and Nexus 7 are on the horizon sporting some high-res goodness.

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This week, it's all about the specs.

The next iPad Mini and Nexus 7 get release dates, but they'll apparently get something even more awesome: high-res screens. The next Google phone is rumored to do something so crazy that makes both of us go into a frenzy of punning. Oh, and Panasonic is bleeding money. Poor Panasonic.

And rounding out this week's rumors: one Apple analyst is sure that the next iPhone will have a killer feature that will put it ahead of the smartphone pack. What could this killer feature be? Leave us a comment and share what you think.

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