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Rumor Has It: Will Apple go plastic for a low-cost iPhone?

The rumored less-expensive iPhone will be a cross between the iPhone 5, the iPod Touch, and the iPod Classic. Wait, isn't that what all iPhones are like anyway?

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The iPhone is a pricey device, a luxury item, a status symbol, and that's exactly how Apple wants it. But as long as the iPhone has existed, we the people have called upon Apple to make a less-expensive version. Rumors are in overdrive at the moment that Apple may be finally planning such a dramatic move. How will it cut costs, though?

We discuss on this week's show. We also check out an image of what may be -- but probably isn't -- the back piece for the fifth-generation iPad, and YouTube may be asking for your credit card number this year.

At the end of the show we make a sad announcement about a change that's coming. We won't give it away here, but let us just say: it's not the end of the world. Modern technology will bridge even the vastest distances! (Hint: Emily will finally find a reason to use Google+ Hangouts.)

Watch to the end, and then send us your comments.

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