Rumor Has It: Twitter wants to be the popular kid

You might want to wait before buying a Galaxy Gear, the iPhone 5S might not be the only golden child, and a Twitter iOS app redesign could make it easier to use.


Well, the iPhone 5S and 5C are coming out this week, so we can finally stop talking about what colors they'll come in (lots) and whether the 5S might have a fingerprint scanner (it does).

Don't worry, my Apple-rumor-loving friends: iPad announcements are probably just around the corner, and you know people have already started putting together their iPhone 6 wish lists.

But until then, let's take a little break from Apple, and round up a few other rumors that've been making the rounds the last couple weeks: Samsung might release a Galaxy Gear 2 smartwatch before the first Gear is even on people's wrists. HTC might strike gold, if some leaked photos are to be believed.

And Twitter could revamp its iOS apps to make it more appealing for mainstream users. The revamp could even possibly include a stream dedicated to TV. Huh? An update earlier today could be a stepping stone in that direction. What do you think? Let me know in the comments!

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