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Rumor Has It: Time to preorder your Apple iWatch

This is Emily's last week on the show, so she leaves us with a few words of wisdom before she heads off into the sunset. Also this week, the Xbox 720 might require some ridiculousness, and Apple's iWatch could bend and snap.

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Dear Rumor fans,

Don't cry for me, readers, just because I am moving away from you and my partner in rumor sleuthing, Karyne Levy, to voluntarily shovel snow in Massachusetts for the rest of my life.

OK, cry a little bit (aww shucks, guys, I'm going to miss you, too!) but then dry those tears and rejoice because Rumor Has It is continuing on without me. And it's going to grow and change and highlight all the amazing talent CNET has to offer and make me so proud.

The concept for Rumor Has It popped into my brain one day in an editorial meeting, and before I had a chance to take a gut check, I blurted it out and begged to star in it. When Karyne agreed to be co-creator and co-host, CNET couldn't say no. (Well, it could have, but we pestered the powers-that-be incessantly until they gave us a shot.) You know the rest. And though I am no longer going to be in front of the camera, I will still be working behind the scenes to help Karyne bring you the weirdest, randomest, funniest rumors the tech world has to offer.

Today we go over the iWatch rumor you've been hearing so much about. Bloomberg is now reporting that the iWatch is way past the research phase, and another rumor suggests it may be unveiled this quarter. Hope you've saved up some pennies for another unnecessary Apple gadget you'll suddenly be dying to buy! We also discuss the rumor that the Xbox 720 will require a paired Kinect in order to work. And as a goodbye to you and Karyne, I offer my Top 5 predictions for the future of technology forever and ever, amen.

Thanks for watching and supporting us, and please join me in wishing Karyne the best of luck going forward with Rumor Has It!

Xoxox, Emily

Heard a tech rumor you think we should cover? Leave a comment below; e-mail us; send us a tweet (@EmilyDreyfuss, @karynelevy, and @CNETRumorShow); or call and leave us a voice mail at 1-800-750-CNET.


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