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Rumor Has It: Next iPhone will be big and curved

At least according to one rumor. Also this week, a Motorola patent looks to permanently attach itself to your throat.

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My mom may not like that I have tattoos, but I'm sure she'd like it even less if I had a microphone tattooed on my throat. That's what Motorola is proposing, with a patent for a wireless mic that's tattooed on the throat and connects to a smartphone. Not only would it allow you to have "reasonably" improved communication, but it could also be used to detect lying. And it could light up! Hear that, Mom? This thing might actually be useful.

A source close to Apple told Bloomberg that the next iPhone would be larger and have a curved screen. If it looked like this 3D rendered image, I'd buy it in a second. Would that be a good move? Let me know in the comments.

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