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Rumor Has It: It's the end of the iPhone 5S rumors as we know it

And who feels fine? I do, that's for sure. Also, the PlayStation 4 could make you look like a crazy person.

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Well, it's been about a year and it's safe to say this: we can finally stop talking about the iPhone 5S and 5C rumors on Rumor Has It.

That is, until we talk about all the things we thought we were getting but didn't get.

But I digress. Just this week, Apple sent invites for its event on Tuesday, so I took a moment to recap all the rumors about the phone(s) so far.

Also this week, the PlayStation 4 might also include voice recognition, using the PlayStation Eye camera. Sweet, now everyone can yell at the TV and have it actually do something.

Check out CNET on Tuesday, where we'll be live at the Apple event. See you in a couple weeks!

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