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Rumor Has It: Is Amazon crazy enough to make a smartphone? (video)

This week in rumor land, Amazon may be ready to conquer the final frontier, the Samsung Galaxy Note may not be big enough, and is that a slimmer, cheaper PS3 we see on the horizon?

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Amazon has planted its flag firmly in tablet land, desktop land, and even streaming-media land, but one faraway atmosphere has yet to be graced with Amazon's shopping presence: Smartphonia.

Never fear, brave app-loving residents of smartphone world, a new rumor suggests that even as you read this, Amazon is sending scouts to your universe to find out what you like and is working with fabled smartphone manufacturer Foxconn -- of iPhone and iPad fame -- to infiltrate your borders and free you from the shackles of...clunky smartphone shopping apps.

What would an Amazon smartphone look like? With the threat of a physical smartphone to contend with, would Apple ease up and let Amazon make proper apps for iOS? Are you an Amazon Prime devotee who would jump at the chance to integrate your shopping and media with your phone? Let us know in the comments and don't forget to vote in our poll (either in the neat interactive player alongside the video, or right here in the blog post).

Also on the show today, we discuss the absurd idea that maybe Samsung's Note phablet isn't big enough, and we try to figure out what Sony's secret prototype naming conventions mean.

Thanks for watching, citizens of Internetland!

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