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Rumor Has It: iPhone 5 isn't the only trick up Apple's sleeve

According to reports, the company may have some aspirations in the social department. Get the biggest tech rumors this week, and vote on what will come true.

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On this week's show, we discuss the latest iPhone 5 release date rumors, Samsung's possible Retina Display, and an alleged new tablet from Sony, and we wonder if Apple is really interested in buying a stake in Twitter.

The New York Times came out with a report over the weekend describing talks between Apple and the 140-character proselytizer. The report alleged that Apple has considered buying a minority stake in Twitter, a company that hasn't yet filed an IPO. The Wall Street Journal chimed in to say the talks were more than a year ago, and its sources insist there are none ongoing.

Why would Apple consider investing in a pre-existing social network? Does Apple need to get entangled in the social media world? We discuss those questions, and put them to the tech-obsessed folks in San Francisco's SOMA neighborhood. Let us know what you think about Apple's social status in the comments.

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