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Rumor Has It: iPad Mini launching in October? (video)

This week we discuss the Apple rumor that refuses to die. Also, will Facebook ruin the Internet with a "Want" button? And is one-thumb typing coming to Windows Phone 8?

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June was cruel to the iPad, which saw its tablet competition grow fearsome.

Microsoft showed off its Surface tablet, which is aimed squarely at stealing iPad lovers away with the lure of its keyboard case (though without pricing, launch date, or any real details, it's hard to know if the iPad has anything to fear). Not to be left behind, Google took the wraps off its much-rumored and ballyhooed 7-inch Nexus Tablet. All that excitement was enough to wake the dead; in this case, it reanimated the iPad Mini rumor, which had been laid to rest.

Not anymore! Analysts and consumers are once again clamoring for Apple to bow to pressure and offer a low-end iPad option.

On this week's show, Karyne and Emily passionately disagree about the likelihood of that happening. Who is the optimist who thinks Apple is basically good and wants people to be happy and have all that they desire? And who is the pessimist who believes Apple will never ever make an iPad Mini, no matter how much people want it? Watch and see, and don't miss our rants on why we "dislike" the rumor that Facebook may be rolling out a "Want" button.

Do you think the iPad Mini is a unicorn, an unslayable zombie rumor, or a real future product? Cast your vote in our interactive player (or in the little poll right here). Are you with Emily or Karyne? Does your vote match up with the CNET Council of Experts?

Happy Fourth of July, folks! And thanks, as always, for watching!

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