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Rumor Has It, Ep. 7: You can't fight the quad core (podcast)

No banana costume this time, but that's OK because we find other ways to embarrass ourselves. This week, we check out Apple product rumors, learn that 8.9-inch tablets exist, wonder why people don't want quad-core phones, and Emily gives Siri a piece of her mind.

Karyne may be up a point on the Rumor board, but I'm winning where it actually counts: on Twitter.

As of this writing, I have 232 followers and Karyne has 223.

OK, you can stop laughing now.

We realize, of course, that those numbers are embarrassingly low. So follow us, guys! (@EmilyDreyfuss, @karynelevy, @RumorShow.) Our new high-stakes side bet is who can get to 500 first. Maybe the lucky 500th follower of the winner will get a prize!

You can't fight progress, people! PocketNow

The rumors on today's show are of the spiciest variety: sightings of the first quad-core phone (which some people really don't want); two new iPads in 2012; all-new Apple products next year (huzzah); and Siri may ruin my life by coming to old iOS devices.

Watch the show and let us know where you fall on the quad-core debate. Is the world not ready for it yet? Do smartphones not need it? Is it progress for the sake of progress? Comment, call, or e-mail us your thoughts!

P.S. Siri, can we be real for a second? You are superannoying. And rude. My commute is already full of people yelling at you on the bus; my Facebook feed is covered in screenshots of your witticisms. If Apple lets you take possession of older iPhones you will literally be everywhere I go. You know what that's called, Siri? Stalking. So stop it.

Heard a tech rumor you think we should cover? E-mail us at Rumorhasit [at], or directly at karyne.levy [at] or emily.dreyfuss [at] And call and leave us a voice mail at 1-800-750-CNET!


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Show notes:
Apple to overhaul most products in 2012
Apple is planning to use a dual-LED backlight tech on the new iPads
Amazon prepping 8.9-inch Kindle Fire successor
Leaked HTC Edge could be world's first quad-core phone
Siri for iPhone 4 and iPad 2 being tested by Apple