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Rumor Has It, Ep. 5: Google is a big, bad bully (podcast)

Google has its beady little eyes on Yahoo, we learn what a G-Stream is, Sony is developing next-gen games, and Apple ruins Karyne's life by making her buy yet another power cord.

Reader proof that the 7-inch Samsung Galaxy Tab is pocketable after all. Carl--Thanks Carl!

This week, we explain why Google is petty and doesn't want Yahoo to find true love; we learn what a G-Stream is; Sony may take its PS4 cues from game developers; and Apple might ruin Karyne's life by making her buy yet another power cord.

The show opens with no movement on the points board, and you know what that means: I'm going to win this month, and Karyne has to go on air next week dressed as Little Bo Peep. That is going to be my favorite day ever! If you guys have a better idea for something she should wear, leave ideas in the comments section. Anything that's better than Bo Peep shall be considered.

Of course, there is the slight chance that Karyne will score two points by some miracle this week (let's say, the iPad Mini is announced on Wednesday and Amazon buys Palm from HP...waaa waaa). Oh wait, that'll never happen. But if it does--and down is up and up is sideways and pigs fly--you'll see me dressed as a zombie singing the lyrics from the musical "Grease." (Let's hope it doesn't come to that.)

Thanks for watching!

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Show notes:
Google exploring Yahoo buy?
Sony reportedly developing PS4 games
iPad 3 could launch in March, with connector issues, report says
Imagining a Nokia Windows Phone

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