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Rumor Has It, Ep. 4: Angry Birds 4 eva (podcast)

Emily is home from Chile, and we dive right into it with Ice Cream Sandwich rumors, more points on the board, and the duck timer is back, but we ignore it. Stop quacking; we're talking!

Delicious and nutritious! Rafe Needleman/CNET

Emily is home from Chile, and is welcomed back with an Ice Cream Sandwich rumor, a couple iPad rumors, and the duck timer, which we ignore, as usual.

On last week's show, we bet that the Droid Razr would be announced today and alas, it was! The score is now 3 to 2, which means someone is going to have to do something totally embarrassing in the next couple weeks.

Also this week, we unravel some Ice Cream Sandwich details; Emily gets all riled up about Amazon buying poor Palm; we remind ourselves that Sony Ericsson isn't actually Sony; we discuss the likelihood of an iPad mini and an iPad 3 next year; and we wonder why Angry Birds-maker Rovio would want to go public. Does it have anything to do with the CEO's nickname being "Mighty Eagle"? We hope so.


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Show notes:
Ice Cream Sandwich rumored to include photo-editing tools
Palm on Amazon's own wish list?
Is Sony closing in on takeover of Sony Ericsson?
Apple rumored to counter Amazon Kindle Fire with 'iPad mini' in 2012
iPad 3 going into production for early 2012 launch?
Angry Birds maker planning IPO for 2012?

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