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Rumor Has It, Ep. 3: The real lame-os of Silicon Valley (podcast)

Sharon Vaknin fills in for Emily this week, and brings with her a whole slew of new of rumors. Also, is there a new Xbox on the horizon 100 years from now, and who will play Steve Jobs in the biopic?

Sharon Vaknin fills in for Emily this week while Emily is on vacation, definitely not thinking about tech rumors. Or maybe she is? We'll have to ask her when she's back next week.

Original Atari 400
Is this the Xbox 720? The Obsolete Technology Website

On last week's show, Karyne bet that the Galaxy Nexus (it used to be called the Galaxy Prime) would be unveiled today at CTIA, whereas Emily voted that it won't be released. Guess what? We both were right: Samsung was going to announce the phone at CTIA, but then decided to delay the announcement, citing Steve Jobs' death as the reason for the delay. We're not sure if we believe that's truly the reason.

Also this week, and speaking of Steve Jobs, there are rumors of a Steve Jobs biopic and we wonder who will play him in the movie; for some awful reason, Motorola thought using the Razr name was still a good idea 100 years later; Microsoft is planning on releasing a next-generation console someday; the Internet is abuzz with rumors of a 10-inch Kindle Fire before the holidays; and the dumbest TV show of all time has got to be "Real Housewives of Silicon Valley"...or whatever they end up calling it.


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Show notes:
Amazon 10.1-inch tablet to ship before the holidays?
Microsoft to announce new Xbox at E3 2012?
Motorola, Verizon to debut Droid Razr Oct. 18?
That Daft Punk song
Sony Pictures getting rights to Steve Jobs movie?
Spielberg, Dreamworks working on 'Halo' movie for 2012?
Is Bravo producing a Silicon Valley version of the Real Housewives?

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