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Rumor Has It, Ep. 24: Google's gunning for iPad, with Asus' help (podcast)

It's Humiliation Day on Rumor Has It, and what a fitting way to say goodbye to iPad 3 rumors forever.

The fedora will keep people from seeing the shame in my eyes. Karyne Levy/CNET

I am writing this blog post from under my desk, because I am too embarrassed to face my esteemed colleagues after the stunt we pulled today. We play the most embarrassing Internet video yet. Starring moi. I have been blushing a deep purple ever since, and because I may now be notorious in downtown San Francisco as that crazy girl in front of the Apple store, I have decided to wear a disguise in public at all times. Guys, it's mortifying. Go watch it.

But--sweet relief!--with the new iPad no longer on our rumor roster, we get down to non-Apple-related business. We bet on whether Intel is as sick of cable TV as we are; Amazon plans to make its own TV shows; a Google-made tablet is coming soon; and maybe a Windows 8 tablet, too.

Watch the episode to see if we think any of that is likely to happen. And to find out why Instagram coming to Android phones soon makes half of my heart cry and the other half weep...with joy.


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Links from the show!

7-inch Google-branded tablet in the works?

Amazon exec leaks the secret future of original pogramming on his LinkedIn page!

Intel building subscription TV service

Instagram coming to Android really soon

Yay or Nay?

CNN to acquire Mashable?

PayPal to launch mobile payments dongle?

Will the iPad come to Sprint?

Is Dan Hesse going to be booted from Sprint?

Nokia to launch Windows 8 tablet later this year?

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