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Rumor Has It, Ep. 22: Is Google jealous of Siri? (podcast)

The iPad 3 event is confirmed, but that's old news, so we discuss the impending release of the Samsung Galaxy S III, and two weird Google patents that are either innovative or derivative, depending upon your mood.

Yeah, Android phone, when IS "Seinfeld" on? I'm sick of watching "The Voice"! Patently Apple
Apple's invite doesn't explicitly say "iPad 3," which leaves us surmising whether the tablet about to be unveiled mere feet from the CNET office will be--drum-roll not necessary--the iPad 2S!


But since the mere acknowledgment of an iPad announcement on March 7 makes me the loser of the game show this month (sad face), we come up with an ingenious plan to find out the true identity of the iPad as soon as it's announced!

No, not by live-blogging or finagling another invite to the event from Apple (pshaw), but rather by filming me trying to SNEAK into the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts theater early next Wednesday morning prior to the event. You never know! I actually have a friend who works in the office there, so maybe we can bribe her to hide me in a trash can.

And speaking of really bad ideas, Google has a patent to copy Apple's magic trackpad, and another to copy Siri. Um, courting lawsuits much, Google? Also on today's show we have a message for YouTube commenters; we bet on whether Apple and Microsoft are "teaming up" to beat Android; and we marvel at the lessons Samsung is learning from its role model.


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