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Rumor Has It, Ep. 20: Break out the bubbly for iPad 3 rumors (podcast)

On today's show, our 20th episode, we talk for a million minutes about the iPad 3, Google wants to sell the dumbest crap in its store, and we pull out our new segment, Analysts' Corner, just in time for Valentine's Day!

Thanks to fan Riley Davis for making this montage that captures the essence of Rumor Has It! Even Gene Munster makes a cameo. Riley Davis

It's our 20th episode, which means we break out the expensive rose champagne from the bodega and celebrate in style.

Karyne Levy/CNET

Is it just us, or is the whole world full of chocolates and roses and wine and sunshine today in honor of our momentous achievement? It's like February 14 will forever be known as the day Rumor Has It hit 20 episodes and we decided to bet all our chips on the iPad 3 (or 2S) coming out in March. Thanks, world! We love you, too!

On today's show, we run down the litany of iPad 3 rumors that all agree that the thing is coming next month--except for the report from none other than party-pooper (kidding!) the New York Times hinting that maybe the iPad 3 isn't coming out at all. Plus, we laugh and laugh and roll our eyes at what Google plans to sell to the people of Dublin, Ireland. And then we wonder if Google Wallet is about to go the way of the dodo bird.

And breathlessly, with minutes to spare, we pull out our new segment, Analysts' Corner, just in time for Valentine's Day.

Oh right--Valentine's Day!


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