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Rumor Has It, Ep. 19: Amazon's brick-and-mortar black hole (podcast)

On today's show, Best Buy puts out a hypothetical survey starring the iTV, the iPod Nano's purported camera is too small for words, Amazon is trying to make things way too easy, and Emily's threshold for humiliation knows no bounds!

Samsung's fabled Retuna Deesplay has made its way to our e-mail inbox! Stanley Huang

Today's episode blew our minds. And not just because it was Humiliation Day.

First Emily embarrassed herself by revealing her hidden talents; then she discovered her old lady cowboy voice; then Karyne did a "face mic," which is basically a face palm but using a mic; and then Amazon killed us with the possibility of opening brick-and-mortar stores to sell (drum roll, please): BOOKS! Say what?

Best Buy put out a survey starring the iTV this week, only to tell us later that the survey was "hypothetical." You know what else is hypothetical, Best Buy? You not carrying the iTV, no matter how big it is and how much it costs.

Also on today's show, the next iPod Nano might be used as the stupidest spy camera in the world, we give the Duck Timer for a Windows Phone 8's possible specs, and Samsung is releasing so many products a minute, we just can't keep up.

Don't miss the special video-within-a-video for Humiliation Day!


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