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Rumor Has It, Ep. 13: Year-end rumor roundup extravaganza! (podcast)

On today's show, we present the top rumors of the year! We discuss the ones that came true, the ones that didn't, and the ones that annoyed us to death. And we bet the No. 1 rumor that didn't come true is a surprise to no one.

Check it out! A dinosaur riding a shark! It's the hottest rumor of 2011! F*** yeah T-Rex Riding Sharks Tumblr page

It's the end of the year show! And we celebrate that, and Hanukkah, with a very special Rumor Has It today.

Instead of rounding up the week's hottest rumors, we've rounded up the year's hottest rumors. Bam! And we bet you can guess what's on our list.

We cover the ones that did come true, the ones that didn't, and the ones that were so annoying, we wanted to scream. Why won't some of these rumors ever die? At least they keep us in business.

What was your top rumor that did come true, didn't come true, or annoyed you to death? Let us know in the comments.

We don't have a show next week, but tune back in January 3, 2012 (!), for the first Humiliation Day of the year. Augh!


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