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Rumor Has It: $199 for Microsoft Surface tablet? Yes, please.

Could Microsoft's new tablet undercut the iPad on price so much that the company takes a loss on every device?

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So what exactly is going on here? Twitter user SuperDaE

The latest rumors say so, but we'll explain why the latest rumors are probably wrong. Also on today's episode, we learn why IBM might want to buy RIM's secret treasure chest, and we decipher the tea-leaves of iOS 6. What is Apple not telling us about the new OS for fear of giving away iPhone 5 secrets?

And finally, the next Xbox may hit soon, another rumors suggests. This tweeted image of a swirl of colors supposedly indicates that the Kinect 2 might be awesome. To us it just looks like, well, modern art. But you guys are supersleuths, so put your engineer caps on and let us know in the comments which new Kinect features you can spot in the picture.

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