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Rumor: Google's Chrome to bundle Adobe's Flash

Google and Adobe are developing a deeper partnership to build Flash natively into the Chrome browser or OS, according to ZDNet sources.

Google is planning to bundle its Chrome browser and/or operating system with Adobe Systems' Flash in a deeper partnership, we've heard from reliable sources.

Google Chrome
Getting chummier with Flash?

The announcement, which is expected to come on Tuesday, is an interesting wrinkle ahead of the launch of Apple's iPad, which famously doesn't include Flash. Adobe-Apple relations are chilly, to say the least.

Google's bundling of Flash into Chrome via a deeper partnership with Adobe could indicate that the two parties are drawing a line in the sand against Apple. Details about the partnership announcement were sparse. Chrome already works with Flash, but the announcement may include future versions of the Chrome browser or may focus on Google's Chrome operating system (right). Making Flash a part of the Google stack of software would be notable. Google representatives weren't able to confirm or deny the rumor. Calls are out to Adobe.

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