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Rumor: 1.1.2 firmware dropping tomorrow

Rumor: 1.1.2 firmware dropping tomorrow

If you've eagerly been awaiting the release of the 1.1.2 firmware, it looks like it's going to be released within the next 24 hours. is reporting the update will show up in iTunes as early as tomorrow morning after hearing details about it from Apple's "press team" in conjunction with the iPhone's UK and German release for Friday. While there's no Adobe Flash support just yet, the update is adding a bevy of extra languages, and a fix to that pesky .TIFF exploit, which has ended up doing more good than harm for the iPhone development community. The rest of the features Pocket-Lint is reporting on have already been documented by T3 and their hands-on with the new firmware, which we wrote about last week. Any brave souls planning to upgrade after the 1.1.1 fiasco?