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Rule the swamp with a scary, solar-powered alligator

A solar panel on its head recharges during the day so that his eyes can glow at night!

Sundance Solar

When I was a kid, my family put a life-size plastic owl near our house to keep birds and squirrels away from the porch. (At least, I think that's why they had a life-size plastic owl near our house.) Unfortunately, I don't think it worked all that well, because last I heard, the cat had mauled it and thrown it into the hedge. I suppose it really wasn't that scary.

Consequently, the next time I'm desperate to scare away animals, small children, or the IRS, I'm going to get one of these instead. Because this is really scary. This is the Swamp Eyes Floating Alligator, a life-size alligator head that you can float in a pool or pond (or presumably poke out of some tall grass). It could also make a great Halloween decoration, if you're into that fun stuff.

The best part? It's eco-friendly! Mr. Gator here is powered by a solar panel on top of his head, which recharges during the day so that his eyes light up and glow at night. Pretty awesome, if you ask me. But I can still think of a few improvements: it could certainly use a motion sensor so that if someone comes too close, it snaps its jaws.

He'll be your best friend forever for just $40.

(Via Uber-Review)