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RSA bangs out Hammer software

The security software company says it will develop encryption software designed for AMD's Athlon and Hammer processors.

RSA Security will develop encryption software designed for AMD's Athlon and Hammer processors, the companies said Wednesday.

RSA said its encryption software will be optimized for current AMD Athlon processors, and for both 32-bit and 64-bit modes on upcoming AMD Opteron processors. The companies will work specifically on RSA's BSAFE Crypto-C and BSAFE Crypto-C Micro Edition encryption software.

The companies did not say when the new software would be available.

AMD's new Hammer chip is slated to appear first in a server version in the first half of next year. Hammer should be able to run software written for 32-bit chips, found in desktops today, and 64-bit chips, which are found in high-end servers.

RSA's BSAFE Crypto-C software is designed to help developers incorporate its encryption technology into applications such as digitally signed forms or private Internet communications. The Micro Edition software is designed specifically for devices like PDAs and cellular phones.

With the announcement, RSA joins a long list of software companies that have agreed to support AMD?s new chip.