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Bad Lip Reading hilariously redubs Prince Harry's royal wedding

God redub the queen! Harry Potter, hot dogs, bikinis and outrageous singing dominate this funny reinterpretation of last weekend's festivities.

Last weekend's royal wedding of Prince Harry and American actress Meghan Markle included pomp and circumstance like the bride arriving in a horse-drawn carriage, an abundance of celebrity guests, a breathtaking wedding gown and outrageous hats. 

While commentators freely offered up their opinions on what was happening every second of the ceremony, many carefully watched the royals to try to decipher what they were whispering to one another. 

Luckily, A Bad Lip Reading satirically redubbed Prince Harry, Markle, Prince William, Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby, Bishop Michael Bruce Curry and others with the kind of dialogue we wish they'd uttered, in a video released this week.

As Prince Harry waits with his brother Prince William in an empty chapel, they have a brief chat, which Bad Lip Reading interpreted as about all the animals Harry has killed over the years -- apparently 1,693 giraffes.

When the happy couple spoke their vows, it was actually all about Hogwarts.

"Who is your favorite Harry Potter character?" the archbishop asked in the video.  

"Hagrid," Prince Harry replied.

"Hagrid," Markle answered.

"Not correct." Archbishop replied.

But the best lip-reading interpretation has to be Bishop Curry's passionate sermon about love, which now seems was all about hot dogs. 

The video also offers some well-edited reaction shots from audience members including singer Sir Elton John and soccer star David Beckham. 

If only royal weddings were really this amusing.