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Roxio software targets iPod users

Digital-media company unveils Boom Box, five applications that let people tinker with music and more.

Digital media company Roxio is offering a software suite designed to let iPod owners fine-tune their song collections and other audio files.

Boom Box, announced on Thursday, comprises five applications, including some geared for people who want to tinker with more than just music. It's priced at $49.95.

For those who want to delve into the trendy area of podcasting, the iPodderX application directs podcast subscriptions to a desktop from which those audio files can be transferred to Apple Computer's digital-music device. Roxio isn't alone in this area: last month unveiled a set of online podcast tools.

In a similar vein, the Audio Hijack application lets people schedule the recording of Internet radio broadcasts. Users can create their own audio files from text-based documents via the iSpeak It software.

CD Spin Doctor, meanwhile, is a tool for digitizing music from analog sources such as tapes and LPs, and MusicMagic Mixer analyzes songs to automatically generate playlists.

Roxio last year was sold to Sonic Solutions by a larger entity that also owned the Napster music service. That larger company, also known as Roxio, then changed its name to Napster.