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Roxio Offers Instructions and Workarounds for Toast 5.2 Problems; Spin Doctor

Roxio Offers Instructions and Workarounds for Toast 5.2 Problems; Spin Doctor

Roxio Statement Roxio has provided MacFixIt with a statement regarding previously reported problems in the recently released Toast 5.2 including crashes at startup and inability to apply the upgrade over older versions. The statement includes instructions for properly upgrading, and workarounds for other quirks:

"Toast updaters check for a valid copy of Toast 5 Titanium, install the updated application, then rename the enclosing folder to the new version number, and leave the previous versions of Toast Titanium intact within the updated folder. The valid serial number from the original application is inherited by the update - no reserialization is necessary.

"For important tips about working with Toast updates, as well as release history for all versions, and other Q and A,, refer to Roxio's web site.

"To reinstall an update, simply delete the most recent version of the Toast Titanium application. If the prior version of Toast 5 Titanium is still installed, run the updater again. If it isn't, reinstall the original application from the CD, and then run the updater.

"If you are still receiving the VideoCD time out message after running the updater, then delete all copies of the 'Toast Video CD Support.qtx' file from your system and run the updater again.

"If the application is not launching after the updater has been run, then you may want to try and reserialize it. Control-click on the Toast icon, select 'Show Package Contents', open the 'Contents' folder, open the 'MacOS' folder, and delete Rox.dat file. Close all folders and double-click on the Toast application. You will be prompted to enter your CD Key serial number. Enter your serial number as it appears on the materials that came with your original product packaging. Some serial numbers begin with 2 characters, while others begin with 4 characters. Both of these serial number formats work with Toast 5.2."

Spin Doctor Steven Massey notes that after installing Toast 5.2, users will no longer be able to do the CD Spin Doctor update:

"CD Spin Doctor's updater looks for Toast 5.1 to verify you own Toast. I got into this mess and had to reinstall Toast 5 to upgrade to Toast 5.1 in order to run the updater."