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Rovio: Angry Birds show moving 'into production'

We've been getting hints of an animated Angry Birds show for a while, but now it's looking official that the popular game will be made into a series.

An Angry Birds TV show could fit perfectly into Cartoon Network's Adult Swim lineup, which already hosts a calvalcade of shows with dry humor. Screenshot by Christopher MacManus/CNET

Rovio Mobile has been progressively flinging hints about an Angry Birds animated series.

The Rovio YouTube channel offered gamers a glimpse into the lives of their favorite bitter birdies early last year with an official cinematic trailer. Several more videos popped up showing the feisty avians encountering a mighty eagle and celebrating the holidays. The videos are far from amateur, and resemble what could be an animated Angry Birds show (take a peek at the cinematic trailer below for a sense of what a series might look like).

But now, official word on the matter. In an interview with British TV Web site C21media (subscription required, via New York Post), Rovio Mobile CEO Mikael Hed added more seeds to the feeder: "We have been looking at that for quite a while, and that is definitely one of my personal big focus areas right now--to work on broadcast content for Angry Birds."

Details remain scarce at the moment, but it's all but confirmed a show based on the hugely popular mobile game is going to happen. Hed described the series as moving "into production," but didn't mention partners or say whether it will appear on TV, the Web, or both. Perhaps we will finally understand what made those birds so angry in the first place, and why those darn pigs are green.