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Roundup: IR-to-Bluetooth converters that let you control your PS3 with a universal remote

CNET compares three IR-to-Bluetooth converters to get around the PS3's lack of an IR receptor and control it with a universal remote.

The IR2BTci got the highest rating in our roundup, but it's probably overkill for most users.

The Sony PlayStation 3 is a game console first, but its Blu-ray playback also makes it one of the most popular home theater devices on the market. The only problem is that because the PS3 lacks an IR receptor, its difficult to integrate with home theaters centered around a IR-based universal remote, like a Harmony. For those who have become accustomed to controlling their gear using simple buttons that say "Watch TV" or "Watch a Blu-ray disc," it's a real pain that the PS3 requires using Sony's Blu-ray DVD remote or the game controller.

To deal with this issue, several essentially homemade devices have shown up on the market and we've done a roundup of the top three, plus a low cost alternative that's easier on your wallet. The main takeaway is that all the converters we tested performed essentially equally well, with only some minor differences in how user-configurable and upgradeable they are. And if you're willing to turn the console on and off manually, you might as well save yourself about $60 and go with the Nyko Blu-Wave.

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