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Culture The site that might tell you if there are swingers on your street

Introducing, a site where people complain (and, occasionally praise) those who live next door. Weird.

How friendly are you with those who live next door?

What about that strange-looking couple with the permanently haggard look that lives four doors down? Yes, the ones with the underfed dog and the permanently-shuttered drapes.

Perhaps will be able to tell you.

I was trying to go to to see how bad the new Will Smith movie was and somehow ended up on a site where neighbors tittle and tattle about each other's annoying habits.

Here's a sample, written about a couple at Lands End Drive, Weldon Spring Heights, Missouri:

"An English moron and his enabling dumb wife. Don't take care of their kids. He is abusive and she is s a ####. brag about the threesomes that they have..(....) ha ha funny funny. No respect for their neighbors. Play their music too loud. And they smoke so much dope that you can smell it in your yard."

Ah, It Takes A Village at its finest.

This is just an orange house, OK? Not any particular orange house. Secretly Ironic

Here's another, about someone in Easton Point Way, Greenwood, Indiana:

" 50+year old woman likes to mow her grass in thong underwear. She suntans in a thong, as well, and lets her dog lick her privates. It is very inappropriate for children to see."

But, of course, appropriate for others to hear about.

This particular comment was accompanied by an ad for Macys underwear department. The headline? The Magic Of Macys.

Now there's a media buyer I would very much like to speak with.

Or how about this, about a couple at Goldenrod Street, Seal Beach, California:

" These people are strange. There (sic) kid has parties and leave trash everywhere in the steet (sic). The Mother has a little statue in the front of there (sic) house of a boy that is painted black, holding a horse tie-up ring. You can smell the pot smoke often coming from the house. But the the straw that broke the camels back when they just finished painting their house Orange...Orange!"

Yes, America. The greatest sin is not drugs or trash, but orange-colored houses. comes complete with Google Maps so that you can more closely identify the people in question.

And the alleged idea, according to the co-founder, Brant Walker, is that you should be able to find out all the heinous information that your real estate professional won't tell you.

Mr. Walker, apparently, had the idea for the site when, having moved into a new apartment, he noticed a rotten smell coming from next door.

Were his nostrils less sensitive before he had moved in?

The site has recently decided to add a "flag for removal" feature as it seems to have occurred to them that not all of the entries might be entirely accurate.

Perhaps you will not be surprised to hear that allegedly enjoys several hundred thousand visitors a day.

I just tested out my neighborhood- honestly, I don't even know the names of any of my neighbors- and there were no entries.

Was I tempted? Not at all. What might they write about me in return?

"Looks miserable first thing in the morning. Drives too quickly down the street. I think he's a shoe sniffer. Obvious weirdo tendencies."

Personally, I let sleeping neighbors lie.

What about you? Have any of you posted there?

Do tell.