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Rotten Neighbor lets you get back at tap-dancing neighbors

Bad neighbors? Call them out with Rotten Neighbor.

Salsa dancing lessons parties, loud music, dog poop on your lawn. The list of wrongs neighbors can do to one another is nearly limitless. So how do you fight back with the faceless anonymity only the Internet can provide? Check out Rotten Neighbor, a social search engine that like Yelp, lets you rate local listings positively or negatively with any subjective experiences that will give potential renters or buyers the heads up.

In addition to written descriptions and ratings of problematic houses, users can also upload photos or videos of said wrongdoings or problems. The same goes for all the good things, including nice-looking houses and parks.

To keep people coming back to rate properties, Rotten Neighbor has a karma system that places heavy users as "good neighbors." It also keeps track of some of the most interesting properties based on user activity and lists them for others to see.

In comparison with StreetAdvisor, a service that's been around since early last year, Rotten Neighbor's rating system isn't nearly as comprehensive when it comes to rating things like security, property values, and activities. Also keep in mind the service isn't a valuation or house-hunting tool. For that, check out services like Trulia and Zillow.