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Roto Color Runners invites you to trip the light fantastic (PAX Aus 2015)

Brendan Votano from Blue Volcano talks about his strangely soothing rotoscoped "endless runner" that lets you unleash the music of the spheres.

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PAX Australia 2015 ran from October 30 to November 1 and once again proved that the gaming and geek culture show is an absolute mecca for the best that the independent gaming scene has to offer.

Roto Color Runners (yes, with that spelling of Color) comes from Blue Volcano games, a small studio that's been operating since 2013. Brendan Voltano is director of Blue Volcano and he walked us through Roto Color Runners.

The game is what's called an endless runner, where you create music by running though the colour spectrum before hitting what Votano calls the "Pink Floyd Prism" where your music is released out. Votano says a game lasts around seven minutes and is designed as a "sensory experience".

The iconic rotoscoped artwork made it quite the standout at the crowded indie game at PAX, which is an achievement for a game that was created in three weeks.