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Rotisserie puts a new spin on an old standby

The Delonghi Rotisserie .7-Cubic-Foot Convection Toaster Oven expands the capabilities of the modern kitchen while mirroring the past.

A modern second oven. DeLonghi

Having a second appliance at the ready to do our culinary bidding is the well-deserved right of the modern human. After all, once upon a time the only kitchen gadget that existed was a stick. When early humans moved inside, they brought their fire with them, and for millennia a home-cooked meal was made with this one and only "appliance." Eventually this gave way to the wood-burning stove, but the concept remained the same: one place to cook every meal. Then somebody, somewhere brought home the first toaster and all of a sudden home cooks everywhere had to deal with the concept of a stove and an additional appliance.

The Delonghi Rotisserie .7-Cubic-Foot Convection Toaster Oven expands the parameters of what a second kitchen appliance is capable of. More than just a toaster, the countertop appliance amounts to more of a second oven. Featuring a large-capacity interior, the device is capable of cooking a 12-inch pizza or up to six slices of toast at a time. With multiple function settings that allow for baking, broiling, or even defrosting, the oven proves its versatility as a do-it-all machine.

As handy as it is to have a convenient multitasker on the counter, a throwback to the past is what really makes this oven shine; included is a spit for rotisserie cooking. Used along with an included baking pan to catch the drippings, the ancient method of cooking is once again introduced into the hearth of the home. What goes around--at least in the case of home cooking--truly does come around.