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Rotating fireplace turns up the heat

Solea rotating stove by Wanders has 360-degree rotation for full-room heating and viewing.

I know what you're thinking after looking at the feature picture for this blog post: "But it's not cold outside yet!" And in thinking so, you'd be right, but with September right around the corner, it'll be Fall in just a few short weeks. And when the colder weather rolls in, I'd like to be prepared.

For me, "prepared" means supplementing my wardrobe with extra sweaters. For you, it may mean an investment in a home-heating device, and if you're tired of the old-fashioned space heater, then a gadget like the Solea rotating stove by Wanders may be your knight in shining (fire-resistant) armor.

The rotating fireplace has a full 360 degrees of motion, allowing you to see it from any part of your room. It also boasts preheated pane rinsing and, according to appliancist.com, it "comes with a thermostatic remote control with timer functions." The stove is available in wood-burning and gas versions, and features 70-percent burning efficiency, 5.1 kW capacity, and a maximum fuel consumption of only .75 m³/h (appliancist.com)

It may be jumping the gun to start considering fireplaces (I should know, I'm still paying off my air conditioner), but if you start thinking about it now, at least you'll be ready to respond when the temperature drops.