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Rotate your TV by remote--on the wall

Mount looks great but costs almost $2,500

It's a problem that many never think about until it's too late. You buy a flat-panel TV, choose a wall for it, and then it dawns on you: There's too much glare to see the screen where you had planned to put it.

Wall mount
Sphere Global Solutions

That's where this could come in handy. The Peerless motorized wall mount can hold your TV and turn it 28 degrees from side to side, 25 degrees down and 7 degrees up--all by remote control.

The "X-arm" itself weighs 180 pounds, a heft needed to support flat panels in sizes from 42 to 60 inches, but Gear Live says the TV will protrude only 4.6 inches from the wall when fully retracted. That's not exactly flush, but it's also not a bad compromise if it means you can actually see the screen.

There's just one thing: At $2,474, the X-arm can easily cost more than twice as much as the TV itself. If that's a deal-breaker, you can always dump the wall idea altogether and go a different route.