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Rory's Christmas craving: LG Royal

There's only one thing I want for Christmas: the most extravagant, blinged-out television setup in world history

Crave remembers when the Christmas period was predominately a religious celebration -- back when there were no iPods and humans actually gave a toss about each other.

Not any more though. Today it's all about giving and receiving, with an emphasis on the receiving. So given our editor's request that we each choose our ultimate Christmas present, I've gone for something completely and utterly mental -- something that'll make the gold-plated Motorola Razr seem like a pile of old horse turds.

Behold my ultimate yuletide craving: a 71-inch gold-plated home theatre system. The LG Royal can be bought as a standalone telly, but I've decided to beg Santa for the complete setup, incorporating a gold-plated DVD player, a gold-plated digital set-top box, a gold-plated sub-woofer and five gold-plated, free-standing speakers. It should probably come with a pair of sunglasses to shield you from the glare of the bling.

The TV itself is based on the ordinary black LG 71PY10 TV -- said to be the world's largest consumer plasma. It's a 'Full HD' model that can churn out 1080p content while enhancing it with LG's XD Engine, which makes pictures look extra-nice. Only 1,000 of these things are being manufactured, and LG hopes they'll be snapped up by sheiks in Dubai, but if Santa can see it in his heart of hearts to slip one down my chimney, I'll be a happy bunny.

It's safe to say this setup will not be at your local, but if you've got stupid money burning a hole in your extremely large wallet, you should get in touch with LG pronto. -Rory Reid