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Roomba vs. NaviBot: High-tech hygiene hoedown

CNET UK subjects the two mechanoid behemoths to its rigorous cleaning review procedures. See which one cleaned up.

Dirt. Disgusting dirt. The enemy of all that is gleaming, shiny, and gadgety--how we despise it. Thank the stars then that the brave super-scientists at iRobot worked so hard to create the revolutionary Roomba cleaning machine, guaranteed to keep your home sparkling and new, without any input from you. Pretty smart, eh?

So smart, in fact, that electronics mega-giant Samsung is getting in on the act with the Samsung NaviBot (for now, only available in the U.K.). It's a silicon beast of such calculated poise and deadly efficiency it could probably kill a tiger. A robot tiger. We decided to pit the cleaning robots in a video contest to the death. A war of robots, if you will.

We subjected these two mechanoid behemoths to our rigorous cleaning review procedures here at CNET UK to find out which robot sucks the most. Or least. Whatever.

Roomba and NaviBot face a nightmare cleaning scenario, an all-terrain heap o' junk, and most importantly, an all-out drag race. This town ain't big enough for two robotic vacuum cleaners...

(Source: Crave UK)

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