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Ronn Owens and his cell phone obsession

KGO Radio's Ronn Owens enjoys his hobby: carrying around new cell phones.

Ronn Owens
Ronn Owens San Jose Magazine

Hi, I'm Ronn Owens. For more than 30 years, I've been on KGO-AM, San Francisco's No. 1 radio station. (For a full bio, just check out

What you're reading now shows the fun part of me. I've been into cell phones since they were the bricks we lugged around to impress people. Now we're far more advanced. New styles and features are introduced daily. My hobby is learning what's new and trying out the more interesting ones.

What you'll see on this blog is not your classic review. Kent German, Bonnie Cha, and the staff are the pros at that. Then again, sometimes I'm obsessed enough to find phones even they haven't seen! Here you'll get my take on the newest ones. Do they feel good in your hand? Does using them get easier and better each day, or does the novelty fade? And yeah, ok, are people impressed when they see it?

This blog attempts to show the practical and fun side of the latest and best.