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Romance in a range hood?

The Fabio range hood from Futuro Futuro brings a big name to your kitchen.

The inspiration?

Any kitchen appliance that goes by the name Fabio is setting itself up for some high expectations, wouldn't you say? Futuro Futuro, an Italian kitchen appliance manufacturer, just unleashed its version of the long-haired beauty to the North American market--in the form of a wall-mounted range hood.

Sleekly rounded. Futuro Futuro

The Fabio packs its technology--last setting memory, delayed shutoff, boost mode, multiple speed settings, and halogen lighting designed to showcase cooking creations--into a sleekly rounded body.

Flexible installation options include ducted and ductless (convertible) capability, adjustable chimney height, remote blower, wireless remote control, and custom soffit design.

To address the most common complaint among range hood owners--noise and vibration--Futuro Futuro uses a specially designed blower chamber that insulates the motor from the hood body. The design minimizes vibration and noise. Optional add-ons include the Silent System and Remote Blower Kit.