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Rolly comes to the U.S.

There is a season, turn, turn, turn for Rolly.

LAS VEGAS--Rolly, the whirling, dancing egg that doesn't have a lot of practical applications from Sony, is coming to the U.S., the company said during its press conference at the Consumer Electronics Show taking place in Las Vegas this week.

Behold the dancing egg! Michael Kanellos

Sony released the product last year in Japan for around $300. The device combines robotics, hardware, and software developed at Sony labs, according to Stan Glasgow, president of Sony Electronics. You put on a song (and invariably in Sony's demo it is something from Ricky Martin) and the Rolly spins around, flaps its end flaps and does other acrobatics.

Analyst Auri Raminzadeh loves his (he bought one in Japan) and has set up a site detailing hacks.